Put simply, the absence of touch equals stress.
— Nina Jablonski, Skin: A Natural History



I teach four unique workshops for you and a partner. Learn how to touch, soothe, and heal the one you love.


Massage for Couples

In this bodyworkshop you and your partner will discover how to care for each other's bodies in whole new ways. I'll show you the fundamental strokes that are the backbone of Swedish and deep tissue massage; professional techniques to give a relaxing, full-body session; and special tricks of the trade for those particular aches and pains in your feet, back, and neck. I will demonstrate on each of you, and then you'll practice on your partner. You'll also figure out how to better use your own body mechanics, so that you don't hurt yourself while you help your partner. Remember, your partner can be anyone you care about. We all need touch in order to thrive, and these nonsexual massage techniques are great with friends and relatives, too. If you are missing that unspoken connection with your partner, or if you just want to care and be cared for, come to this bodyworkshop and find a new form of intimacy.


Massage for Pregnancy

This bodyworkshop will demonstrate simple ways to safely and effectively massage your pregnant partner. We'll cover the few cautions about bodywork during pregnancy, and then focus on all the amazing things you can do to help her feel good. Partners will learn how to help their pregnant woman feel comfortable lying on her side, both to aid sleep and to lengthen and loosen the body. We'll play with massage strokes to relax those hard-working muscles, flush extra fluid, and ease aches and pains. You'll both experience methods of breathing that enable you to soothe yourself and work through your tight spots, and we'll play with movement exercises and postural shifts so you can stay mobile even as your belly grows.

Women at all stages of pregnancy are welcome. We will shape the bodyworkshop to focus on the woman's particular issues—from sciatica to edema, from exhaustion to back aches, and everything in between.


Massage for Labor

Although much of what occurs during labor is out of our hands, this bodyworkshop will address all that you can do during the big day. Whether you are delivering in a hospital, birthing center, or at your home, you'll learn lots of simple techniques to ease the burdens of the mom-to-be and help facilitate birth. You'll learn massage strokes to relax the laboring woman between contractions; acupuncture points to stimulate labor and ease pain; and breathing strategies to work with the contractions and maintain energy and focus. Because labor is hard work for everyone involved, we'll also focus on the partner, experimenting with different body mechanics and positioning techniques, so that you can support, hold, rub, and calm the mom-to-be for as long as she needs. Our emphasis throughout will be on creating a nurturing environment, so that the laboring woman and her support team can communicate and find creative solutions at each stage of the process.

Everyone who will be at the birth is encouraged to attend.


Massage for Parents

As you stare into your baby's beautiful eyes, it is easy to ignore your stiff shoulders, tired wrists, aching lower back, and still-swollen ankles. This bodyworkshop aims to get you back in touch with your body. Your partner will learn ways to soothe your lingering trouble areas from the pregnancy, as well as your new-mom tight spots. These techniques are specially designed to give you relief and relaxation fast. And we'll experiment with ways that both of you can more easily lift, carry and feed your little one, to prevent the repetitive strains endemic to parenthood, and better adapt as your little one becomes not so little. We'll also explore stretches, postural awareness, and breathing exercises, so that both of you can take care of yourselves as you care for your baby.

Since parenthood is an adventure without end, this bodyworkshop is open to parents with children of any age.



Each bodyworkshop is $300 per couple. Each lasts between 2 ½ and 3 hours.

  • I teach bodyworkshops privately, either in my studio or in your home.
  • Occasionally I'll teach small group bodyworkshops at my studio for a discounted rate. Contact me if interested.
  • Planning a wedding? A group bodyworkshop is a great event for a wedding party. And a private bodyworkshop makes a great wedding gift for the bride and groom!
  • All bodyworkshops are open to all; no prior experience necessary. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and come ready to practice. Linens and oil are provided.

Contact me with any questions and to schedule a bodyworkshop that's right for you.