David’s prenatal massage work focuses me, calms me, relieves tension and reminds me of my body’s innate abilities and strength. In short, I feel empowered after our sessions and ready, both physically and spiritually, for the birth of my child.
— Tina Moya, dancer and mother

Massage for MOMS

prenatal and postnatal massage

One of my specialties is working with women during pregnancy and motherhood. I have trained with one of the great innovators in the field of prenatal and postnatal massage, Carole Osborne, and I now work with her to teach these advanced techniques to other massage therapists.

Pregnancy is a period of unprecedented transformation, and unique challenges. My work helps to keep you centered in your ever-shifting body, and helps you to embrace both the challenges and the joys of these months. Our sessions can help with the myriad difficulties that emerge at each stage of pregnancy (see below for a list of specific ways that massage can be helpful). But as important, amidst the onslaught of examinations, the demands of doctors, and the unsolicited advice of strangers, our work together helps you maintain your own sense of self.

We can begin as soon as you are ready: with a few modifications and a lot of attention, we can safely work together while you are trying all the way to while you are in labor. As your belly grows, we use a pillows and bolsters to find a natural state of ease, lying on your side and on your back at a comfortable angle; clients often tell me that our sessions are the most comfortable moments of their pregnancy. As part of our sessions, we'll also figure out simple adjustments you can make to help you more easily walk and stand and rest in your shifting body. Throughout, we will grow your awareness of both your body and breath, to help you ease the burdens of pregnancy and prepare for the pains of labor, to feel simultaneously strong and supple.

After birth, everyone's focus shifts to that beautiful baby, but the new mom needs care just as much. Our work helps you to cope with the unprecedented demands of sustaining another human being. Though it is easy to forget about your own body altogether, we have an alternative: the means to restore the integrity of your physical and mental and emotional being. Our work together enables you to care for your new body as you care for your new baby.


The following is just a partial list of how our work together can change these forty weeks (adapted from Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy, by Carole Osborne, with her gracious permission). During pregnancy, our work together can:

  • Reduce stress, promote relaxation, and facilitate the transitions of this time.
  • Reduce musculoskeletal difficulties, including lower back and hip pain, sciatic pain, joint strain, aching feet and hands, carpal tunnel pain, and overall tension.
  • Reduce fluid retention and blood pressure; relieve varicose veins; and increase the beneficial circulation of blood and lymph.
  • Facilitate the crucial shifts in your hormonal, respiratory, gastrointestinal and other physiological processes.
  • Help develop the kinesthetic awareness that can help you actively participate in your birth.
  • Foster your own loving touch for your baby-to-be.