David Lobenstine is the finest massage therapist I have ever encountered, focused every moment on the work he’s doing, with the perfect combination of strength and sensitivity. David is one of those people who is doing the work he loves. You can feel it in his presence and, more than anything, in his hands.
— Craig Carnelia, composer, lyricist and acting teacher

Our bodies are at the center of all that we do. But we often ignore them, rather than acknowledge them. Let me help you reconnect with yourself, and find both the power of your musculature and the ease of your breath – your being and your non-being. Let me help you inhabit your body anew.

I believe that therapeutic massage can remind us how to live within our bodies. How to move with ease. How to breathe with depth. How to fully relax. I work with the exterior self – the many layers of skin and muscle, the endless sheets of fascia and strands of tendon – to help renew the whole self.

I believe that through touch we can help ourselves, and we can help each other. I work with clients to cultivate self-awareness, to reveal how you can harness your own healing resources. I lead couples massage workshops to help you care for and heal your loved ones. And I teach infant massage workshops, to show parents a whole new way to nourish and connect with their babies.

Let me help you reconnect with yourself, or your loved one, or your little one. Let me help you breathe fully, and live fully, once again. Tell me: how can I help you?