David Lobenstine is the finest massage therapist I have ever encountered, focused every moment on the work he’s doing, with the perfect combination of strength and sensitivity. David is one of those people who is doing the work he loves. You can feel it in his presence and, more than anything, in his hands.
— Craig Carnelia, composer, lyricist and acting teacher

Your body is at the center of all that you do. But do you find yourself ignoring your body? Or only noticing how you feel when you are stressed out or tense or in pain? We can change that.

I can help ease what ails you now, those daily aches and pains. And I can also help you figure out how to live more happily, and more easily, within your body.

I work with everyone, from moms-to-be to grandmoms, from muscle-bound athletes to computer-bound executives, and everyone in between. Whether you spend your days caring for a baby or caring for the sick, whether you use your body to dance or build or click, I can help you live with ease and move with grace and breathe with depth. I believe we can all benefit from therapeutic massage; I believe we can all breathe fully.

Let me help you inhabit your body anew.

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To make this work more feasible for more people, I work on a sliding scale.

  • 60-minute session: $120-145

  • 90-minute session: $180-210

  • 120-minute session: $240-290

I ask that each client pays what they are able. 

Gratuity is not necessary; the best tip you can give me is to recommend my work to others.